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PowerPro Moss Green Braid

The Moss Green Braid from PowerPro represents the meeting point between cutting edge fishing technology and good old fashioned fishing expertise.

It’s well known that the smoother a line is, the greater its resistance to abrasion is, and the longer it will last before wearing. PowerPro uses an ultra-strong braided Spectra Fibre as the base for this line, and then employs Enhanced Body Technology to create an exceptionally round and smooth braid. This braid has almost no stretch and no memory, meaning it lies flat off the reel and doesn’t become warped with use. Not only this, but a lack of memory significantly reduces the chance of wind knots, backlashes, and guide and rod tip wrap-overs. The smoothness of the braid combined with its warp resistance means that this PowerPro Braid has the highest stamina of the other braids on the market, and has an incredible strength to diameter ratio.

This line moves effortlessly through guides thanks to its abrasion resistance, making it superb for longer casts. It also offers incredible sensitivity for playing a fish at close range as well. PowerPro are proud to say that this braid outperforms monofilament lines across the board, and believes that once you try the PowerPro Braid you’ll never go back.

The Moss Green colour is perfect at offering complete camouflage when you’re fishing in waters with heavy weeds and vegetation. 

If you would like more assistance in choosing the correct braid length or breaking strain, our blog is an excellent place to start. Our Line and Braid Beginners Guide offers superb advice for choosing your perfect line. Our customer services team are always on hand to offer their advice, too, and you can ring them up for a no-obligation chat, or to discuss any aspect of your order with us today.


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