Pontoon 21 Psychogun

Size: PGS792LLSF - 236cm 1.8-10.5g
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While working on Pontoon21 Psychogun rods, engineers made the main task to achieve maximum sensitivity and uniform resilience in the whole blank. And it was achieved in all rods of this series in spite of their difference. The clue to this task is to choose the right materials (different for each model). The main material used is extremely high modulus graphite by Toray, Japanese producer. It is blended with other materials (by Toray as well as other Japanese producers). Their technical characteristics are chosen with reference to every Psychogun model.


Toray graphite material (prepreg) is rather expensive, and it is in great demand. To satisfy it, not only does Toray produce prepreg independently, but also supply the factories which produce prepreg themselves with the main component – Carbon yarns.

Pontoon21 gives most precise information about the materials used. For example, Psychogun is made of Toray prepreg, at the same time Pontoon21 GAD rods are made from material by Hankook, Korean company, which produces it from Toray carbon yarns.

A lot of companies, producing and selling rods, prefer to mention only the word Toray for the sake of marketing, omitting the real place of prepreg production, although almost all the rods of average prices are made of these graphites, so to say modern materials.

As a result, the models suitable for jigging due to their uniform resilience may manipulate minnows quite well. Thus, the titles of models may denote preferable but not the only type of fishing. According to some technical characteristics, sensitive fast action points out that working dynamically these rods act as typically fast, at the same time having high sensitivity. This feature distinguishes them from the rods with inserted tips made from relatively soft materials. Such a detailed approach towards rods production wouldn’t be full if we didn’t mention advantages of individual assembly and thorough control. After that each rod receives its own serial number.


  • Individual selection of materials for each model depending on the properties needed and purpose (the main material – high modulus graphite, produced by Toray, Japanese company),
  • Fuji K and KR guides of Tangle Free system (which stops the line form tangling) with SiC insets,
  • Fuji VSS reel seat – for spinning rods and ACS (for multiplier reel)
  • Corkwood handle,
  • Individual serial number

PGS792LLSF - 236cm  1.8-10.5g  sensitive fast (extra light direct control)

PGS732LSF - 220cm  2.5-12.0g sensitive fast (light universal technique)

PGS732MSF - 220cm  7.0-24.0g sensitive fast (minnow plugging)

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