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Fishing with a bait casting reels is getting more and more popular among Ukrainian anglers. That is why it was decided to launch a range of professional bait casting rods. The type for these rods is known among the fisherman as a “classical bass rod”. Short, sensitive, “angry” – ideal for modern type of fishing. We managed to find a balance, which helps not to lose comfortable casting characteristics – the blank works well at casting, while saving enough stiffness for twitching. The butt section is reinforced with the special crossing graphite wrapping X-WRAP. Drive model range is easy to fit for any bait casting technique. DRV-662L 3-12g – stylish BFS bass style. It’s suitable first of all for perch fishing on big water in Ukraine. This model is versatile and could be used for jigging and twitching. Rods are suitable for twitching minnows 7-8cm and light jigging. Perfect at a big perch catching. DRV-642ML 5-14g – this if first of all a model for jig. The rod has a very active tip section, suitable for light and medium jigging. Can be used for hard lures. The main applications are boat fishing at vast reservoirs, bank fishing at small rivers. DRV-662M 7-21g – universal rod in a class of “adult” jigging/twitching. This model can be recommended as a all-purpose boat rod on big rivers and reservoirs. Pike minnows (9-10cm) twitching, topwater hard lures. It has a big power reserve for catching a big fish. DRV-682MH 9-28g – this model is mainly for big minnow twitching (10-14cm). Good as well for heavy jigging on big water. DRV-702H 15-45g – super heavy duty. Swimbaits, small jerkbaits, big deep diving cranks. This model is designed mostly for catching a big pike in a heavy thicket.

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