Game By Laboratorio Ciriola Bioillogica PK Arancione Fluo

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Description translated from Italian language:

Bioillogical CIRIOLA is an effective bait ON ANY predatory and non-predatory FISH (chub, perch, carp, rock fish) but especially for trout. It has been conceived to be a winning and baiting bait, in competitive and amateur contexts, mounted on a head for rotating baits such as Laboratory Alfiere 2 (stream or pond), or on a classic light game or rock fishing jighead, simply letting it be carried from the current, or dredging it on the bottom with pauses.

Of all the laboratory rubber baits in the BIOILLOGICA series. it is the most suitable product for final rounds of competition or when fish are very apathetic. The conical tail will vibrate sneaky at the first call, or simply by impulse of the current, downhill! 10 pcs for pack. Length 8,5cm BIOiLOGICAL RUBBER. 100% MADE IN ITALY.

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