Game by Laboratorio Disco Jerk 1.9g #005

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The Disco Jerk Game by Laboratorio is a very particular design for the trout area designed to make the difference when trout are not very attracted to the classic type of corrugates. Why? The round and very wide profile combined with a large central depression of the body counteract the sinking, allowing a very slow fall, and above all, allow this spoon to literally ROTATE with very slow recoveries. This artificial is always extremely productive whenever trout prefer regular movement, linear trajectories, and continuous vibrations, comparable to those of a spinner, when using a mini swivel combined with the classic trout area "snap".

This action is very often productive even with light strokes with the tip, alternating with pauses, taking advantage of the wave and round action in a real "suspended" fishing to reawaken the interest of trout not interested in normal swimming spoons on the surface or slightly below, within 25-30 meters from the shore. These undulators are equipped with STILETTO Laboratory quality single hooks chemically sharpened with very high penetration micro barb *, and made with Aurora Paint polychrome color schemes with opaque / glossy effects created by expert trout angrlers AREA GAME.

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