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The Pontoon 21 Trait is an original lure from all the known manufacturer of fishing gear. Prior to the release of this spinner, the "turntables" of the Pontoon 21 range were made with classical rounded petals. In the Trait model, developers use a completely different form, which gives the bait unique performance characteristics. The shape of the petal Pontoon 21 Trait reminds everyone of the famous "willow leaf". This is an innovative development of the company, which is not a copy of analogues from third-party manufacturers, but designed and executed from scratch. It is worth noting that due to its wide round shape and special convexity, the petal is set off perfectly even at the lowest revolutions of the coil. This will allow you to hold the bait, both on the surface and in the bottom layers without a malfunction in the work of the spoon-bait. If suddenly the turntable encounters an underwater obstacle, then the work of the petal after the failure of the "game" will instantly be adjusted. Petal Pontoon 21 Trait has a reversible double-sided color that allows bait during work to create a volumetric effect under water, forcing the predator to bite. As a boot in the Pontoon 21 Trait, several balls of different sizes are used, which allow you to send the bait a considerable distance from the shore during casting. Equipped with a high-quality tee from the Owner with a fly, which simultaneously serves as a stimulus for fish and masks the hook. A large model range of the rotating spoon-bait Pontoon 21 Trait will allow you to pick up bait for catching small perch or trophy pike, and among a variety of colors the angler will undoubtedly choose the right option.

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