Angling tips for women. How to get started.

Angling tips for women. How to get started.

Angling is generally seen as an activity that’s mostly for men. Even if they do love spending time outside and engaging in outside activities, many women feel discouraged from trying out fishing, simply because there are fewer of them out there doing that.

The good thing is that this activity can easily be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their gender or age, whether as a hobby or a sport.

There are some things, however, that any novice fisherwoman should know before heading out for her fishing trip.

Today we will talk about these basics and give a few additional tips.

Get familiar with the basic knowledge

Like mentioned earlier, angling is an open activity that absolutely anyone can enjoy and start out at. 

Many people that fish on the regular and eventually became enthusiasts of the sport, usually start angling at an early age, however, it's never too late to enter the world of fishing and fall in love with the activity.

In terms of the very basics, we reckon these are the few essential things you should familiarize yourself with first.

  • Rods - a rod is a tool that you will use to angle with. They come in various shapes, sizes and purposes ranging from bare-bone basic to complex instruments for masters. Before your first one, either look for information online or ask the seller about what rod is best for the type of water you want to angle in.
  • Bait - to put it simply, you bait is the food for the fish that you’ll use to attract and catch them. Again, there are many types of bait including live, dead, or artificial variants. For those starting out, basic options like worms or maggots are great.
  • Local rules - in many areas around the globe, things like fishing licences are a must, so be sure to purchase one if you haven’t one already. Another thing is the regulations for species. There might be restrictions in terms of what species you can or cannot fish, so make sure you know about that as well.
  • Learn the basics - knowing the basics like preparing your rig, hooking bait, having the right clothing is a must for your first fishing trip. If you feel like learning online about these preparations isn’t your thing, consider joining someone more experienced for their angling trip and ask them to teach you the basics.
  • Practice makes perfect - if you want to get better you’ll need plenty of practice. Simply fishing regularly and gathering experience can do wonders, but it’s also important to be open to others about your fishing and be willing to learn new things regarding angling.

All in all

Today we’ve talked about the basic angling tips for women. Fishing is an activity that should be enjoyed by all, so don’t be discouraged even if you feel like you don't have the knowledge and experience outright. 

The main thing of course, is to enjoy and learn how to love the act of angling.