Basics you need to know about Catfish

Basics you need to know about Catfish

Catfish are considered to be the biggest freshwater fish one can catch in the UK. These unique predators can grow up to be even in the hundred pound range, which makes them an even more attractive catch for both beginners and experienced fishermen.

With that being said, they are also quite a difficult breed to attract and fish, requiring both patience and a precise methodology on what one should do.

In this article, we will talk about the basics of catfish - how to recognize one when you see it, your rig setup as well as feeding options that work the best.

How to identify a Catfish

For the ultimate catfish beginner, you need to know a little about the species itself. You can identify catfish by their long slender bodies, broadheads, wide mouths and long slender barbels. 

For catfishing in the UK, it is useful to know that the Wels Catfish has a dark brown to black in the colour body with a soft yellow to white belly and two long barbels on the upper jaw and four shorter barbels on the lower jaw that are used to hunt and detect prey.

How to prepare for your Catfish angling trip

There are a number of things to consider before heading out to catch catfish. We list the most important things below.

  • Choose the right location - experts agree that the best possible fishing areas to explore for catfish are those that offer a good habitat for the fish to hide and feed undisturbed. Usually, this means going river bends, deeper holes or structures and pretty much anywhere where you can find muddy waters.This species of fish loves to have a protective environment and those areas certainly provide that.
  • Consider going at night - unlike many other species, Catfish tend to be more active during the night, since again, there are less disturbances in the water. During this time, they are very active in food hunting which means heightened senses and awareness of the area.
  • Key features of your rig - in terms of equipment, many professionals recommend going with a heavier rod and of course, a proper reel oriented at predator catching. Along with this, you’ll also need a rigid fishing line that can handle the weight of the catfish. Your best bet is to go for an option that handles at least 15lbs.
  • Additional accessories - in order to make your trip more convenient, you might want to consider bringing some additional equipment. One such could be a rod holder, since you will be spending quite a while on your angling trip. Also, a good choice would be a strong predator net to contain your catch.

Best bait for Catfish

Catfish aren’t typically considered as a picky species of fish when it comes to food, since they go for pretty much any type of bait. However, live bait like worms or maggots are said to be especially effective.

Also, smell is very important, so a good choice would be to get additives and/or enhancers to make your offerings even more attractive to the fish. This is especially effective if you’re planning to go with pellets for your bait.

All in all

Today we’ve briefly talked about the basics of catfish. With the right equipment and knowledge, you’re sure to find success, even as a complete catfish beginner!

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