Here are the surface fishing tips you need to know

Here are the surface fishing tips you need to know

As the hottest time of the year is still in full swing, many anglers are resorting to the surface fishing method. Just seeing as the fish falls prey to your bait right at the surface of the water is alone worth approaching this type of angling.

Obviously, surface fishing is still different from other angling approaches which means that there are certain things you should know about before you head out to your first fishing trip using this method.

Because of this, we’ve written this article with some useful advice on how to approach surface fishing.

Start with a proper feeding approach

As with other fishing methods, the first thing you need to worry about is properly feeding the fish in the designated area. If you feed them correctly and give them a proper amount, the fish will start to rise to the surface without any caution.

So, for the fish to not start looking for food somewhere, be sure to bait generously and slowly reel them in for a catch in that way. You don’t need much as small amounts of bait periodically can work wonders for you.

Of course, be ready with a rigged up rod beforehand. As the fish gain more and more confidence, they’re very likely to eventually go for your hookbait.

Some fish can be pickier than others

Certain fish species, like carp for example, are more wary than others, which means that you’ll have to work harder from your side to make sure to set up a good hook bait presentation. 

A good way to do that is to hook line and mainline float, so as to not look suspicious in the eyes of the fish.

Some professionals even suggest choosing a mainline specifically designed for float fishing and combining all of that with a floatant of your choice. All of this ensures that your bait stays on the surface and is ready for the catch.

Bait options for surface fishing

As for the best bait options, you also want to look for something that can float easily. Professionals usually go for pellets, so stacking up on them beforehand is highly encouraged as you’ll probably need a couple of them on a single trip. Bread or boilie are viable options as well.

The best all-arounder is to go with a couple of different types of bait and also drop it at different sizes. In a way, it could be looked at the same as bottom fishing, since you keep the fish occupied with a wider variety of feeding options.

Don’t be afraid of trying something different

If you don’t get any luck with your bait, don’t be afraid of going in a different direction and trying something out of the ordinary. One option could be to try a bigger sized hook, albeit disguised more discreetly in bait.

Some even suggest altering the shape or boilies for example as to make it seem that you’re dropping new feeding options for the fish.

Also, one can try setting up their main rig in a way that you can continue feeding the fish around the designated area. Some say that multiple catches can be done at the same time this way.

All in all

Today, we’ve briefly talked about the basics of surface fishing. Summer is the perfect time to try out something new, and this angling technique is certainly one of them. Take advantage of the good weather and longer daylight time and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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