Here’s how you fish in fast flowing rivers as a beginner

Here’s how you fish in fast flowing rivers as a beginner

With winter behind us and warmer times of year already here, us anglers have to be quick to readapt our fishing habits in order to enjoy our favorite activity during the springtime. 

River fishing, although challenging in its own right, often provides the ideal conditions for us that come with warmer weather. This is especially true in fast flowing bodies of water, where most fish will be revitalized in their search for food after long periods of inactivity.

In this article, we will be looking at fast moving river fishing and the key things that you should know and share some useful advice, especially important for those that consider themselves beginner anglers.

First things first, should you go for fast flowing rivers as a beginner?

While it may seem quite intimidating to try your luck fishing in a fast river right from the get go and that’s understandable, many professionals agree that you shouldn’t avoid them, as it can be quite an effective way to gain valuable experience and skills.

Since, there’s much more involved learning to control and manage your fishing line, among other things, you will be practicing the core essentials of angling, all of which will come with a highly rewarding catch at the end.

Will a fast flowing river require you to be more patient?

It generally does. While the fish will be busy migrating with the current and may be less concerned about looking for food until they reach their ideal spot, it will also allow more freedom to act, simply the fish will be less prone to be spooked or distracted by your efforts.

Aimed for an area where the current is pretty strong throughout and cast multiple times for an increased chance of success. Your main aim at this stage should be to notify the fish of the presence of food as they follow the stream.

General tips for fishing in fast flowing rivers

As promised in the beginning, here are some additional tips for fishing in fast moving rivers that you should definitely keep in mind.

Anticipate and adapt to the current

The river current is essential not only in determining the flow of the water, but also to use its characteristics to your advantage. 

A good choice for bait here can be plastic worms which should attract plenty of attention, especially if properly weighted as they’ll allow you to reach more depth easily. Of course, make sure not to add too much as the current won’t be able to move your setup at all.

Weight matters

Weight is very important when fishing with the current as it allows your setup to reach the desired depth and makes sure that it does not float around too easily.

A good choice would be to go for split shot weights. Add one every time you cast until you’re confident that your flies are at the bottom allowing you to fish with confidence.

Leave some runaway space

Within a fast moving body of water, it’s important to know that our casting habits should be altered as well. If you have a specific area you want to target, make sure that you’re casting a bit upstream from it, so it lands just where you want them to be.

All in all

Today we briefly addressed the topic of fast moving river fishing. While certainly more challenging than other fishing methods, it will surely be a rewarding and beneficial experience for anyone just beginning their angling journey.

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