How to make sure your boat is ready for the winter

How to make sure your boat is ready for the winter

Angling during the winter can be a fascinating and rewarding experience, especially when it comes to taking your boat. However, some key preparation steps are necessary in order to avoid frustrations and have a great time.

This is especially true if you lack the experience and/or knowledge about boating practices in winter. Today, we’re going to talk about what you need to know about preparing your vessel for the colder times of the year.

Not only will this help you avoid any issues or perhaps becoming stranded mid journey but ensure that you’re not damaging things like the environment for example.

Proper exterior and interior scrubbing

We reckon that the first thing you need to do is make sure that your vessel is properly cleaned up before you lay her down. Doing everything now will allow to get in the water quickly and be in a better situation later on

The main areas you’ll need to focus on are of course decks and scuppers. In terms of what materials and chemicals to use for cleaning your areas, we highly recommend choosing an environmentally friendly option.

Many of the materials typically used in cleaning practices are harmful for the fishes and you also risk that these materials enter the food chain and so on. The biggest perpetrators here are phosphorus and nitrogen, which have an especially negative effect.

So, when it comes to scrubbing the inside and outside of your boat, select the appropriate cleaning product and carefully wipe out the deck, lockers and containers, among other places.

Ensure that the motor is functioning well

Many of those reading this will be motorboat owners, which means that they will depend on how well the engine on their boat is working in order to have a successful boating trip.

The very basics here are of course engine filter and oil changes which should be done before the beginning of each fishing season.

Another thing in the engine bay is of course your antifreeze. We recommend settling for a non-toxic option again in this case as it offers the same protective features, but is also “green” for the environment.

Make sure your battery isn’t flat

In any motor vehicle, the battery is a source of energy for many functionalities, and fishing boats are no exception. As buying a new one every season can be quite the financial strain, we recommend proper maintenance to prolong its life.

This means removing the battery when you’re done for the season, cleaning, the main parts of it as well as the container. Moisture can be especially harmful for the battery in terms of corrosion, so make sure that the battery is placed safely and in a dry area.

Also, don’t forget the environmental aspect and prepare to recycle your old batteries if it indeed is time for a new one.

Anticipate harsh weather

Depending on where you’re from, winters can be especially harsh, which means that your boat needs to be prepared for such weather. One thing is to make sure that key components of your boat don’t freeze.

Run some antifreeze for the system to make sure everything is in an optimal situation. Also, make sure that the boat is stored in a proper place if not in use. This can prevent cosmetic as well as other damages that can be frustrating to take care of.

All in all

In this article, we’ve talked about the key areas you should focus on when preparing your boat for the winter. We reckon that the elements of your boat that we illustrated should be taken care of properly in order to have a rewarding fishing season.