How to prepare for spring fishing

How to prepare for spring fishing

Spring is a welcoming time of the year for anglers. As the weather starts to get better after the winter and fish start to return from their cold weather habitat, many of us are keen to return to angling as soon as possible.

However, for your first fishing trip to be a success after a while, careful preparation is necessary. In this article we will give a few essential tips on how to prepare for spring catching.

Anticipate the weather

The beginning of the spring season typically offers a degree of unpredictability when it comes to weather, so it's best to plan your fishing trips, in accordance with the weather changes.

Pro anglers agree that it’s best to go out there on the warmest possible day or days just before the weather shifts into a colder period.

Warmer waters mean more success

Most fishing spots will take a while to warm up after a long season of winter, however, finding those areas which warm up sooner can be the perfect way to start your spring season.

Shallow waters are typically your best bet as fish will head out to feed in those areas more often.

Try to go for afternoons

On the same note as seeking warmer waters, your best bet is to go for the afternoon when choosing a time of day to fish.

As the sun warms the water throughout the day, even a slight increase in temperature can make a huge difference for anglers and lead to more success.

Smaller size and patience

Spring fishing can be described as requiring much more patience, then let’s say during the summertime where many species are much more active with their feeding.

Pro anglers recommend downsizing the bait that you’ll be using and equipping yourself with plenty of patience when heading out to fish. Many species are not yet that active during this time, and they will hesitate going for something huge and fast.

Use live bait

If you’re looking to catch quite a few fish on your first spring fishing trip, it’s best to bring some live bait into the action.

As we said before, you’ll want to fish slowly and with patience, and it will be much easier to do using live bait.

All in all

Today, we’ve given a few simple tips on how to prepare for angling in the springtime. Patience and being smart about your approach is key when it comes to having a successful trip. So, try to anticipate the weather, your surroundings and be mindful of how fish will behave and you should be good to go.

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