Tips for taking kids on a fishing trip

Tips for taking kids on a fishing trip

Fishing is an activity that can be interesting and fun for both the old and the young. 

Nowadays, most of us spend our free time to ourselves, kids play on their computers or mobile phones, while adults are more content with spending time watching TV or reading a book after work. Spending some time outside together can be a great bonding activity for the family, as well as allow us to enjoy the wonders of nature, which we often forget.

Even though some of us are experienced anglers, taking our child to their first fishing trip with us can be a completely new learning experience. The goal should be to try to make the trip simple, fun and enjoyable, hopefully resulting in a fine catch.

In this article we will give a few ideas for how to prepare for a fishing trip with your child.

When should I go on a fishing trip?

Since you’re not tackling any major challenges for yourself, your best bet is to head out when the weather is clear, dry and warm. 

Taking your child on a fishing adventure when it’s cold or raining is a bad idea, since they’ll get bored and frustrated pretty easily.

After all, you want to interest them fishing, not otherwise.

Make sure you’re well prepared

Another way to make sure that a trip doesn’t become a disaster is to properly prepare. If you plan that it’s going to be a long one, pack some drinks and snacks for yourselves and other useful items like an insect repellent, some sunscreen if it’s a hot day and a blanket, chairs or stool to sit down on, so you don’t get tired.

You might want to plan a few activities for the child if the fish aren’t biting for longer periods of time. A coloring book, or pack of cards can be a good idea to take a break and play a fun game together.

Lastly of course, don’t forget to pack all the fishing gear you might need. Since this is only a casual fishing trip, back only the essentials and you should be good to go.

Decide on the fishing place

The next important step is to find the right place to fish. It’s best to go somewhere where fish are plentiful and the odds to catch something are indeed high.

If possible, pick out a place where it isn’t too crowded and can be fitting for a family. You may even want to go somewhere where there are other activities to do for a child. They can lose interest in angling pretty quick and get bored, which is obviously not what you want.

Teach them the essentials

Obviously, you’ll have to teach your child the essentials like waiting for the fish to bite, bringing it ashore, handling it and so on. Children might get impatient or erratic when fishing, so try to teach them the importance of being patient and gentle in their fishing endeavors.

All in all

Going fishing with your family members can be very fun and exciting, especially when there are plenty of them to catch. However, the most important thing is that it allows you to bond together and appreciate the simple things in life, which we so often forget.

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