Warm weather clothing every angler should have

Warm weather clothing every angler should have

Ask any experienced angler and they will quickly tell you what important role clothing plays as part of their overall equipment. A set of well-made, comfortable clothes is crucial in order to have the right protection in the varying conditions that fishermen face.

However, for many beginners, choosing what to buy can be quite tricky. After all, there are so many factors to consider here including your own habits, the area that you plan to fish in, overall product quality, etc.

In this article, we will focus solely on choosing the right angling clothes for warm and hot weather.

What to focus on when choosing warm weather clothing

The first thing to consider here is heat protection. If you plan on spending a longer period of time fishing in the sun, you will need a proper hat, quality sunglasses or perhaps even a facemask in especially hot areas.

Next there are the clothes themselves. Spending a lot of time in the heat will mean more sweating, so clothes with breathable materials are a must. Since they will also act as an important protector against the sun, consider finding clothing that has UV protection as well.

Another key component is footwear which not only must be comfortable, but protective as well. While flip-flops work if you’re doing some casual fishing for a short period of time, much better shoes are necessary if you’re planning a more serious endeavour, so boots will work best.

How to choose each piece of clothing for warm weather angling


Since angling often involves a lot of movement, combining that with hotter temperatures will mean that you are going to sweat a lot. This is the first thing to consider when choosing your top.

Good, breathable materials that can prevent accumulation of moisture and absorb it, is the perfect way to make sure that your comfort isn’t compromised while fishing. 

Along with this, make sure that your outer layer has decent UV protection. Long exposures to sunlight can pose serious health risks, so make sure that your clothes prevent that.

Finally, go for a lighter shade of shirt as well, since it will absorb less heat than a darker one.


Similar to your shirt, make sure that your pants are resistant to moisture as well as stains. Go for a good quality, breathable material variant, allowing your skin to dissipate heat and absorb all the sweat.

While a natural instinct for many would be to choose shorts instead of pants during hot summer days, it wouldn’t be ideal for longer fishing journeys. This is because shorts simply don’t offer the same level of protection from sunlight, as pants designed for fishermen.

Similarly as with your tops, go with a lighter colour shade to prevent additional heat.

Hats and Sunglasses

Extras like hats and sunglasses may seem as small details in your overall outfit, however, they are still crucial for all-around comfort and protection.

Long exposures to direct sunlight may result in things like sunburns or even suntrokes, which of course are considerable health risks. Make sure that your hat also has a wide and flat brim, to protect your eyes from the light.

Speaking of eye protection, a good set of polarised sunglasses is another important part of apparel to have. Don’t cheap out and go for a proper set that offers certified UV and glare protection. 


A good set of boots will offer both comfort as well protection for your feet. Some important features should include:

  • Flexibility - if you’re angling on uneven terrain 
  • Grip - to prevent slips and injuries
  • Water protection - if you plan on fishing in the water itself.

All in all

Today we’ve talked about the key essentials when choosing warm weather clothing. 

While finding the right fit will depend on the individual, you can use this information to better understand what items you should look for.

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