Jackie Mahon's Exclusive Collection: Master-Crafted Flies from Fulling Mill

Jackie Mahon's Signature Flies: Elevate Your Fly Fishing Game

Fly fishing enthusiasts and experts alike, get ready to discover the exquisite new collection of Fulling Mill flies tied by none other than Jackie Mahon. With a lifetime of fly fishing experience and a professional career adorned with accolades, Jackie's latest creations are a true testament to his passion and expertise. Let's dive into the world of these meticulously crafted flies, designed for the discerning angler.

Jackie Mahon: A Legacy of Fly Fishing

Jackie Mahon is not just any fly tyer; he's a seasoned guide and a renowned fly designer based in the picturesque northwest of Ireland. From the serene waters of Lough Arrow to the historic stretches of the Garavogue River in Sligo, Jackie has spent his life perfecting the art of fly fishing. With roots deeply embedded in a family of fishermen, Jackie's journey is fueled by a lifelong passion for chasing wild Brown Trout and Salmon.

His significant achievements include representing Ireland on an international level and guiding the Irish team to a gold medal victory at Lough Melvin with his winning flies in June 2022. As a Fly Designer for Fulling Mill and a pro guide for major brands like Patagonia, Jackie’s expertise is unparalleled.

Introducing the New Fulling Mill Flies by Jackie Mahon

Jackie's new collection features a variety of meticulously designed mayflies, each tailored for specific fishing conditions and preferences:

Jackie's Silver Mayfly 

Jackie's International Mayfly

Jackie's Pearly Yellow Mayfly

Jackie's Yellow Mayfly Muddler

Jackie's Pearly Green Mayfly

Jackie's Cut-Throat Mayfly Red

Jackie's Lough Arrow UV Mayfly

Jackie's Lough Arrow UV Dark Mayfly

Jackie's Lough Conn Golden Mayfly

Jackie's Red Rib Mayfly Melvin

Jackie's Mayfly Pearly Muddler

Jackie's Lough Erne Green Mayfly

Each fly is handcrafted with the finest materials and designed to mimic the lifelike movements of real mayflies. The attention to detail is evident in the realistic eyes, hand-painted colors, and the easy action paddle tails that make each fly not just a tool, but a masterpiece.

Fly Fishing with a Master's Touch

What sets Jackie’s flies apart is not just their craftsmanship, but also their effectiveness in real fishing scenarios. Anglers fishing in Ireland’s famous loughs have reported remarkable success, noting the flies' ability to attract significant catches even in challenging conditions. Whether it's the depth-adjusting capabilities of the Lough Arrow UV Mayfly or the snag-free experience offered by the Weedless designs, Jackie’s flies are engineered to enhance your fishing adventure.

Catch More Than Just Fish

Using Jackie Mahon’s flies means carrying a piece of Irish fly fishing heritage with you. Each cast not only brings you closer to the catch of the day but also connects you to the legacy of a fisherman who has dedicated his life to the rivers and loughs of Ireland.

Explore Jackie's full range of flies and elevate your fly fishing experience: Discover Jackie Mahon's Fulling Mill Flies.

Happy fishing and tight lines as you explore the waters with the craft and passion of Jackie Mahon guiding each flick of your rod!

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