Shimano Aero Pro Landing Nets and Keepnets
Developed alongside our team of Aero ambassadors and Pro staff, we feel we have created some of the strongest and most versatile landing net handles on the market.
With three variations and an extension section available in the range, the light, power and multi 30/45 will have you covered for all commercial and natural fishing situations.
The Aero Pro range of landing net handles have been designed with clever section tapers that push the balance to the butt end of the handle, making them feel lighter than they actually are.
The three variants have been crafted and honed to be ideally suited to the following following situations.

The Light version is ultra light and perfect for F1s and natural fishing.

The Power version is ultra stiff and perfect to chase and handle bigger fish.

The 3045 is what we believe to be the most versatile handle on the market.
Aero Pro Landing Nets and Keepnets
Designed to offer high quality fish friendly nets that will not let you down at the key moments of capture and retention.
Featuring durable soft touch mesh, extra stitching on stress points, standard screw thread and robust ABS block.
Coarse fishing