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Introducing the Westin Sandy Andy Weedless Jig: The Ultimate Lure for Sea Bass Fishing

Fishing enthusiasts, rejoice! The latest innovation from Westin, the Sandy Andy Weedless Jig, is now available at Duohook Fishing Tackle Shop. Designed specifically for sea bass fishing, this lure combines ultra-realistic design with advanced functionality, ensuring you have the best experience on your next fishing trip.

Ultra-Realistic Sandeel Design

The Westin Sandy Andy Weedless Jig is based on the legendary Sandy Andy Jig, renowned for its lifelike appearance and effectiveness. The weedless version takes this to the next level with a specially designed sandeel look that is sure to attract sea bass. The slim body and small paddle tail work at any speed, creating a strike-triggering swimming action that no sea bass can resist.

Versatile Fishing Options

Whether you prefer fishing from the shore or a boat, the Sandy Andy Weedless Jig offers versatility in your fishing techniques. It can be used fast or slow, on a steady retrieve, or jigged amongst bottom structures. This flexibility ensures that you can adapt to different fishing environments and conditions with ease.

Advanced Features

  • Fast Attach System: The improved fast-attach system features a micro stainless-steel plate, ensuring a secure connection. The soft body can be changed in seconds, allowing you to quickly adapt to different fishing scenarios.
  • Ultra-Sharp Hook: Equipped with an ultra-sharp wide gap and custom-made single hook, the Sandy Andy Weedless Jig provides a firm grip and increased catch rate.
  • Weedless Design: The weedless design allows for snag-free fishing, making it perfect for fishing in areas with heavy vegetation or rocky bottoms.
  • Soft, Non-Toxic Body: The soft body of the lure is free from toxic phthalates, ensuring it's safe for the environment.

Easy Rigging

Rigging the Sandy Andy Weedless Jig is straightforward. Follow these steps for optimal performance:

  1. Press the soft body onto the jighead, ensuring the grip holder goes into the upper hole and the hook eyelet goes into the lower hole.
  2. Mount the hook on the head with a firm grip until it “clicks”.
  3. Insert the hook through the small vertical hole and let it rest in the hook slot on the back.
  4. Apply one drop of super glue between the head and soft body, press together, and you are ready to go!

Available Sizes

The Westin Sandy Andy Weedless Jig is available in two sizes:

  • 23g, 13cm length
  • 33g, 15cm length

These options allow you to choose the perfect size based on your specific fishing needs and preferences.

Shop Now

Enhance your sea bass fishing experience with the Westin Sandy Andy Weedless Jig. Visit our Sandy Andy Weedless Jig Collection at Duohook Fishing Tackle Shop to make your purchase today. Don't miss out on this essential addition to your tackle box!


The Westin Sandy Andy Weedless Jig is a game-changer for sea bass fishing. Its realistic design, versatile usage, and advanced features make it a must-have for any serious angler. Equip yourself with this innovative lure and get ready to reel in the big ones!

For more information and to explore our full range of fishing gear, visit Duohook Fishing Tackle Shop. Happy fishing!

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