Discover Our Premier Trout Fly Fishing Tackle at Duo Hook

Experience unparalleled trout fly fishing with Duo Hook's extensive collection of high-quality gear. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just beginning, our range is tailored to enhance every aspect of your trout fly fishing journey.

Fly Rods

Explore our diverse collection of fly rods designed for various fishing conditions. Perfect for streams, rivers, or lakes, our rods ensure accuracy, control, and the sensitivity needed for a successful trout fly fishing adventure.


Our fly reels, from top brands, offer smooth line retrieval and precise drag systems. These are essential for a seamless experience and for confidently battling and landing trout.

Fly Lines

Choosing the right fly line is crucial. Our selection includes floating, sinking, and intermediate fly lines, each designed to optimize casting performance and increase your success rate.

Spinners and Spoons

In addition to traditional fly fishing, spinners and spoons can be highly effective. Our range is crafted to mimic baitfish, triggering strikes from trout.


Our extensive range of trout flies – dry flies, nymphs, streamers, and more – are expertly tied to mimic natural insect patterns, perfect for enticing trout.


From leaders and tippets to fly boxes, our accessories are chosen to complement your tackle, enhancing your fly fishing experience.

Fly Tying Materials

For enthusiasts who tie their own flies, we offer a comprehensive selection of materials, enabling you to create custom flies suited to local trout hatch patterns.

At Duo Hook, we pride ourselves on providing anglers in Ireland with the finest trout fly fishing tackle from trusted brands. Visit us to gear up for your next trout fly fishing adventure with confidence.