Duo Hook - Ireland's Premier Fishing Tackle Destination Discover Ireland's leading range of high-quality fishing lures at Duo Hook. Perfect for targeting pike, perch, trout, or sea bass, our diverse collection caters to both novice and seasoned anglers. Our lures, varying in size and type, are specifically designed for Ireland's unique fishing conditions.

Crankbaits and Minnows: Lifelike Action for Diverse Species Our crankbaits and minnows, known for their realistic swimming action, are ideal for enticing a wide range of predatory fish in Irish waters. Find the perfect size and color for your target species in our comprehensive collection.

Jerkbaits: Perfect for Aggressive Pike Strikes Jerkbaits are your go-to lure for mimicking wounded prey, especially effective for pike fishing in Ireland. Duo Hook's variety ensures you add an irresistible element to your fishing tactics.

Spoons: Classic Lures for Trout and More With their fluttering action and flash, our spoons are irresistible to various fish species. Our range includes small spoons tailored for trout fishing, ensuring you have the right tool for success in Ireland's lakes and rivers.

Lure Kits: Versatility for Irish Anglers Ideal for anglers seeking versatility, our lure kits include assorted styles and sizes, perfect for experimenting in different Irish fishing conditions.

Spinners: Attract Fish with Flash and Vibration Our spinners are excellent for covering wide areas in Ireland's waters, attracting fish with their unique flash and vibration. Explore various styles and colors to find your perfect match.

Swimbaits: Realistic Prey Imitation Ideal for targeting larger species like pike, our swimbaits offer lifelike fish shapes and are especially effective in Irish waters. Available in various styles, they suit different fishing conditions.

Surface Lures: Topwater Excitement Our surface lures, creating splashes and ripples, are perfect for topwater action, adding excitement to your fishing trips in Ireland.

Soft Lures: Versatile and Realistic Soft lures, with their pliable material, offer a realistic feel. Our assortment caters to diverse fishing styles, suitable for targeting pike, perch, trout, and other species in Ireland.

Perch Lures: Tailored for Success Specially crafted to target perch, our lures are designed to increase your chances of a successful catch in Irish waters.

Trout Bait: Designed for Ireland's Trout Anglers Our range of trout bait, including spintail and vibe lures, is effective for both experienced and beginner trout anglers in Ireland.

Sea Bass Fishing Lures: Soft and Metal Varieties Specialized for sea bass fishing, our selection of soft and metal lures is designed to attract this prized species, making them a must-have for sea bass fishing in Ireland.

Pilkers: Essential for Deep-Sea Fishing Our pilkers are a deep-sea angler's essential, perfect for vertical jigging in Ireland's deep-sea fishing spots.

Fly Fishing Flies: Diverse Collection for Irish Waters Choose from our extensive collection of flies for fly fishing in Ireland, including pike flies, trout flies, and salmon flies.

Feather Rigs and Beach Rigs: Simplify Your Fishing Our pre-made feather and beach rigs are ideal for specific fishing conditions and species in Ireland, simplifying your angling experience.

Spinnerbaits: Maximize Your Success Our spinnerbaits, designed for maximum success, are versatile lures known for their effectiveness in Irish waters.

Trout Bait Dough and Eggs: Popular in Ireland These easy-to-use baits are highly effective for trout fishing, a popular choice among Ireland's anglers.

Tope Shark Rigs: Durable and Effective Specifically designed for targeting tope sharks, our rigs are durable and effective, essential for this challenging species in Ireland.