The best pike fishing in Ireland runs from October through to May. Wintertime is most successful for anglers who fish with dead baits. Early spring and autumn is very efficient for anglers who chose to fish with lures.

Pike & Predator Rods

Dead bait fishing rods generally are from 1.75lb to 3lb between 10ft to 12ft. For medium size bait a 2.5lb test curve will be plenty if you go for big dead baits and need to cast long distance then you will need to get your hands on a rod with a test curve over 3.00lb.

Lure fishing rods for pike are between 6ft to 10ft. Most popular spinning rods length between anglers is 7ft to 9ft (220cm to 270cm) Shorter rods are more useful for fishing from boat or bank if you use jerkbaits and minnows type lures. Longer ones will be perfect for swimbaits and soft plastic lures.

You will notice that spinning rods are rated on the rods with casting weight. A Casting weight means which weight lures you can use with rod. For example, 10g to 35g casting weight will be ideal for medium size minnows and crankbaits 9cm to 13cm once they do not exceed 35g. Fishing with medium size jerkbaits you should consider looking for rod with casting weight up to 100g for large swimbaits you should look for 100g and more.

What is difference between baitcasting rods and spinning rods?

Bait casting rods are also called trigger rods these rods can be used only with baitcasting or multiplier reel. Spinning rods are most popular between lure anglers and these rods can be used with spinning reel of fixed spool reel.

Which lure rod is better spinning or baitcasting?

Baitcasting or trigger rod takes advantage against spinning rod when it comes to using bigger size lures (60g – 150g). Spinning rods are generally used with small to medium size lures.  

Pike & Predator Reels

There are few types of reels for pike fishing. Fixed spool or spinning reels and Baitcasting or multiplier reels. Fixed spool reels are for spinning and dead bait rods and multiplier or baitcasting reels are for rods with trigger called baitcasting reel.

If you’re looking to dead bait, you will need baitrunner reel or any carp reel can be used. Reels size 6000 are most popular among pike anglers with dead bait.

Pike & Predator Line

Monofilament line and braid line are two options to go. Braid is most preferred among lure anglers as it is thinner in diameter and allowing you a greater casting range and you will be able to feel every indication because it has no stretch properties. Monofilament line is still very popular especially if it comes to fishing with spinners.

Trace & Trace Wire

A trace is most importance when it comes to pike fishing. Trace prevents the pike biting through your line When you are targeting big pike with big lures you should use longer trace between 30 to 50cm and for medium size lures you should use 20 to 30cm. Trace strength usually for small to medium size lures is 8kg to 15kg and for big lures 15kg and up.

Landing Net

It is worth investing in a rubberized landing net as it prevents from trebles getting stuck in mesh and generally, they are more robust and features stronger. If you are targeting trophy pike, you need to use big size landing net.

Forceps & Unhooking Mat

For unhooking pikes and remove hook from pike mouth a pair of long-nosed forceps will be needed to do job. To keep pike safe from on the ground you must use unhooking mat.