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At Duo Hook, we understand the diverse demands of sea anglers, whether you're casting from the shore or setting sail on a boat. Our extensive range of shore and boat sea fishing tackle ensures you have the right gear to tackle the challenges of saltwater angling. From hunting sea bass along the coast to chasing mackerel and sea trout, we've got you covered.

Sea Bass Rods: Sea bass are prized targets for many anglers along Ireland's shores. Our sea bass rods are carefully selected to provide the sensitivity, power, and casting distance needed to hook these elusive predators. Whether you prefer spinning or baitcasting, our range includes options to suit your angling style and the local conditions.

Beach Casters: For those who love beach or surf casting, our beach casters offer the casting distance and strength required to reach deep waters where larger species lurk. These rods are designed to handle the rigors of surf fishing, ensuring you can confidently battle with the ocean's giants.

Mackerel Feathers: Mackerel feathers are essential in every angler's tackle box when targeting these fast and feisty fish. Our selection includes a variety of colorful and effective mackerel feather rigs to entice mackerel schools and fill your baitwell in no time.

Sea Trout Lures: Sea trout, also known as sewin, are a thrilling catch for anglers in coastal and estuarine waters. We offer a range of sea trout lures designed to mimic the small baitfish and prey that sea trout feed on. These lures are crafted for both casting and trolling, enhancing your chances of a successful sea trout outing.

Accessories: Complete your shore and boat sea fishing setup with our selection of essential accessories. From terminal tackle to fishing lines and bait options, we provide everything you need to ensure a successful day on the water. Our accessories are sourced from trusted brands to guarantee quality and performance.

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