Daiwa Prorex Trout SB 180DF Live G Trout

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Deceptively realistic the Prorex Live Trout Swimbait uses a 3D printing procedure, during which the pattern of a real trout is printed upon the body, producing this extremely natural appearance. Ideal lure for big pike which specialise in hunting this prey, the Live Trout is perfectly suitable for slow and fast lure action and delivers light flanking movements – similar to a real trout. The original Duckfin tail oscillates producing strong blasts and depending on the speed, the fins at the breast and back vibrate and pulsating thus adding further attraction. The Live Trout has been constructed with two different eyelets to enable different depths and actions – using the head eyelet enables a deep presentation with more action – when rigged via the eyelet at the mouth this lure runs somewhat shallower. The Prorex Live Trout Swimbait is delivered completely rigged and ready-to-fish. The treble at the back is directly mounted to a stiff 60lbs steel wire to reduce the danger of interfering with the split ring during hard fights. The Live Trout has been awarded as best new soft lure for 2017 at Efttex 2016! Diving depth: 18cm – ca. 2.0m, 25cm – ca. 3.5m

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