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The??íDeps Balisong Minnow 130SP??íis a highly advanced jerkbait designed to target trophy pike. Slightly larger than most jerkbaits at a substantial 130 millimeters, every aspect of the Balisong has been engineered with a purpose in mind. Equipped with a patented variable balancer system, the tungsten weights allows the bait to move with an intense rolling and trick darting action that simotaneously emitts a low range clicking sound that call the bass in for a closer look. At rest, the Balisong Minnow will suspend perfectly with a nose down posture that accurately mimics a vulnerable baitfish. The 12-millimeter bottom width allows the super-sticky size 4 Owner treble hooks to rest perfectly on the bottom of the bait to increase action, minimize snags and prevent hook fouling.??íThe rolling action, trick darting ability and sound, precisely imitates the rhythms of any big baitfish. The Balisong Minnow is power ripbaiting taken to the ultimate extreme. No matter how hard you try, you can??åt overpower the Balisong, but you can make it dance a dozens of ways.

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