Favorite Arena TZ

Size: ARNTZ-662UL 1.98m 1.5-5g Mod Slow
Sale price€329


This is a top specialized rod for area trout fishing in ponds. The rod is a good choice for both professional anglers and amateurs.

Favorite Arena TZ is equipped with Fuji TZ guides . They have a very sensitive blanc, thanks to the application of highly modular carbon Toray (36T). The blank is not covered with any painting, the butt is reinforced with eight-directional OCG wrapping. All these details make it more robust, rigid and lightweight. The rod butt is thin and elegant. Its parabolic construction allows softening the trout jerks when fishing with barbless hooks and makes the fish tired very fast. The reel seat is made from natural wood. 

Favorite Arena TZ has also more rigid blanks, which allows twitching with small minnow lures, and the model with solid tip is good for micro jig fishing with the smallest weights. The rod has two cases - a semi-rigid external case with a soft lining and an internal soft velvet cloth bag.


This is the latest word in the technological evolution and engineering from Fuji, these rings are made of a high-strength material that’s carefully polished, which leds to the TORZITE ring being much thinner and lighter in comparison with SiC rings of the same size.


The 8 directions high modulus structured blank wrapping. It forms a kind of a mesh around the blank with an octagon as the base.


Toray 36T – Japan manufacturer Toray prepreg. Modulus 36 TON (~53 Msi)

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