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Straight from Japan, the??íJackall Jockie 120 Topwater Minnow??ídelivers an incredible stop-and-go action that dares hungry bass to come take a closer look. The Jackall Jockie 120 Topwater Minnow features a special diamond-shape lip that allows it to move instantly from a straight ???standing?? position into an energetic, rolling dive. On the pause, the Jackall Jockie 120 Topwater Minnow rests in an almost vertical position with its head out of the water and all three hooks beneath the surface. On the retrieve, a special cup underneath the lip generates a distinct popping sound as it makes contact with the surface. The Jackall Jockie 120 Topwater Minnow is also built with a unique inner-scale molding that produces an abundance of flash, and a rear-weighting system that delivers long-distance casts with ease. The Jackall Jockie 120 Topwater Minnow offers a lethal mixture of pop, dive, and rolling action that??ås a threat to fish anytime it??ås near water.??í

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