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PVA STRING Dissolving strings for so called “boilie sandwiches” that should be mounted on the hook near the bait. PVA MESH REFILL High quality PVA mesh refill. If a mesh in funnel system goes away, you should put the mesh refill onto a plastic tube. PVA TAPE For tying PVA tubes and preparing boilies to be attached parallel to the hair rig. PVA TUBE PVA material for do-it-yourself bags of any size. PVA FUNNEL Funnel shaped PVA mesh placed on plastic tube for easy preparing groundbait set. Very easy to use. Useful in fishing with pellets, groudbaits, seeds and boilies. The tube protects the PVA mesh against wet conditions. PVA BAGS Frequently used for attracting fish to one spot in water area. PVA bags have various design. Bags without holes but with string should be used for fishing with dip and booster. Bags with holes are useful for attracting fish with boilies, pellets, seeds and groundbaits. Our offer includes elongated bags for long casts. DISSOLVING THREADS, JAXON BAGS, MIDDI Made of PVA.

LC-PVA001 - 5m 44mm Wide Mesh

LC-PVA002 - 5m 23mm Middle Mesh

LC-PVA003 - 5m 18mm Narrow Mesh

LC-PVA073 - 5m 44mm Wide Mesh (Slow)

LC-PVA074 - 5m 23mm Middle Mesh (Slow)

LC-PVA075 - 5m 37mm Wide Mesh (Fast)

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