Major Craft Crostage Sea Bass Spinning Rod

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Major Craft Crostage Sea Bass Spinning Rod

The most popular game in Tokyo Bay is Major Craft Crostage Sea Bass Spinning Rod. In order to enjoy the sea bass game that seems to have a high threshold more easily, a special model has appeared in the third generation cross stage. An abundant lineup that supports from classic lures such as minnows and vibrations to big baits. 

CRX-702MH / S This model was developed to cast S-shaped lures by spinning. It is the best model for casting big baits, large minnows and vibrations, and aiming for big sea bass that prey on large baits. This is a must-have for anglers who are not good at casting bait reels.
CRX-702M / S A model aimed at catching ranker sea bass, which is compatible with large minnows, heavy vibrations, and blade lures. A long length design that makes it easy to plan strategies even when casting in open water or taking a boat position away from the point. By all means, please get a big one with this model that can only be caught by long cast.
CRX-702ML / S It is a model that specializes in long casts in open water. If you want to explore a wide range of points or shoot directly at Nabla, you need an approach that takes advantage of the long length. Also, even if the migratory ranker class hits, this long length will flexibly absorb the power of the target. Please experience the flight and curve. ..

Ten years after its debut, the completely redesigned "third generation" cross stage is finally here. The original concept that brought about the tackle revolution, which allows beginners and intermediate anglers to easily experience the full-scale specifications, has been re-verified from the materials to respond to the ever-changing field conditions and fishing methods. The latest technology "Cross Force Manufacturing Method" is also adopted, and the newly developed blank becomes more comfortable and sharper to fully support anglers. The slender grip shape that is easy to grip promises a comfortable game. Crossstage, which is synonymous with standard rods with excellent cost performance, has now entered the "third generation" era.

CRX-902M It is a ranker class model that also supports slightly heavier lures. The 9-foot length makes it easy to swing off when casting and is easy to operate. I want you to use it for aiming at rankers with large metal vibes and big baits, including minnows and vibrations. It is a recommended dish for ranker hunting.
CRX-902L This model boasts unwavering popularity as an all-rounder in the Bay Area. The highly sensitive blank design with excellent shooting ability is also effective as a countermeasure against short bites. In a threaded field, how you can bring a short bite to hooking is the key to fishing. We are also good at long casting of metal vibes, and it goes well with blade type lures.


Major Craft Crostage Sea Bass Travel Spinning Rod

The 4-piece pack series, which is recommended for those who want to enjoy lure fishing more actively and more easily, is now available on the 3rd generation Crostage. It is the 3rd generation cross stage that has a reputation for being sharp and easy to operate, but it was very difficult to make it into 4 pieces with its performance as it is, and it took time to develop, but from the experience of continuing to make pack rods for many years, A 4-piece model with almost the same action and strength as a 2-piece has been completed. In addition to the Seabass series that supports everything from seabass games to super light shore jigging, the summer-autumn autumn squid aiming and the Egging series that can be used all year round, shore jigging and light games are also available. It is a series that you want to feel free to enjoy fishing between trips and work.

CRX-904ML It is a model that supports super light shore jigging such as sea bass aiming at embankments and estuaries, small blue fish and hairtails using jigs up to 30 g. Since it can be stored compactly with a closed size (rod only) of 73.5 cm, it can be stored in a travel bag or the trunk room of a car. It will be interesting to try a short game at a point you care about while traveling or commuting.
CRX-964ML This 9'6 inch model is the go-to model for surf, large rivers and tidal flat areas that require long-distance casting. The smooth bend that does not make you feel like a 4-piece enables a long cast that is the same as the 2-piece model. Since the closing dimension (rod only) is 77 cm, it is recommended for traveling by motorcycle or traveling.

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