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Megabass Oneten LBO

The ONETEN LBO, which features the second-generation LBO II (PAT.) moving balancer system, has dramatically increased castability against headwinds, making stable, long approaches possible even under blustery conditions. Additionally, the balancer system—powered by 88 ball-bearings—significantly reduces friction during weight transfer, thereby transferring greater energy to the lure’s tail for greater casting distance. 

By extending the 110mm body of the original to a long-tailed 115mm, the center of gravity is able to shift even farther to the rear when casting, improving accuracy. The LBO II (PAT.) brings with it a lowered center of gravity along with a synchronized point of leverage and point of action that make instant, responsive actions possible from the moment you put your hand on the reel handle. The bearing weight, which is secured in optimal “ready” position by a neodymium magnetic field, generates sharp and highly regulated jerking actions, and the entirely new dimension of sharp, high pitch rolling action brings a heightened prominence to the ONETEN’s flashing. This special ONETEN, filled with ITO Engineering’s cutting-edge technologies, redefines the preexisting concept of jerkbaits.

Megabass Oneten LBO Features:

  • lenght: 115 mm,
  • weigth: 14 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 0,8-1,2 m

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