Size: #4 (20pcs.)
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Extra strong barbed trebles with a straight point and medium length shank, making them ideal for all trace construction. Ideal for all pike and zander traces. Elongated eye for easy trace construction. Made from heat-tempered wire for maximum strength. Will straighten and not snap on a straight pull, making it easier to retrieve snagged rigs. Ideal for the construction of single and twin treble traces for pike and zander. Designed for use with PikePro wire. These are the same hooks as used on all Pike Pro ready-tied traces. Ideal for making all forms of pike and zander traces. As used on all PikePro ready-made traces. Use with pikePro trace wire and swivels to make the ultimate in reliable traces.Size 4 trebles are ideal for baits of 8 inches plus in length.

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