Pontoon 21 Grace Sonda

Size: GSS702XUL ST Ex-Fast 213cm 0.7-5g Solid tip
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Pontoon21 Grace Sonda Microgame outfit - professional equipment for fishing enthusiasts in the "micro" class. A range of 6 models of delicate rods ranging from Extra Ultralight (XUL) to Light (L). Solid Tip (rods with a monolithic carbon tip) and Tubular Tip (classic rods).

Pontoon21 Grace Sonda: classic models

Grace Sonda - universal spinning rods for use with a wide range of ultralight and light lures. During the development, special attention was paid to the breadth of objects of fishing and fishing methods. Grace Sonda with Extra Ultralight (XUL) and Ultralight (UL) power is equally comfortable when fishing for perch with microjig , wobblers and spinners, and in trout and chub fishing in "wild" conditions, when all types of lures are used. The most versatile model - GS722L with Light power - is versatile in the type of bait within the test and is designed for the widest application.

Pontoon21 Grace Sonda Solid Tip

A separate category in fishing with light and ultralight lures is specialized microjig rods. In most cases, these are spinning rods with various options for "insertion". Structurally - a monolithic tip is glued into the hollow blank. The Grace Sonda Solid Tip models (GSS702XUL, GSS712UL and GSS722L) have a carbon fiber tip. And when designing and manufacturing, special attention was paid to smooth bending, reliability and durability of the connection between the tip and the main part of the blank. The conspicuous, bright orange wrapping of the tip rings improves visual control of the wiring and makes even the most delicate bites more visible.

Pontoon21 Grace Sonda Microgame outfit specifications:

    • Blank material: blend based on Toray (Japan) ultra-high modulus graphite material
    • Grace Sonda Solid Tip - specialized models with monolithic graphite tips
    • Fuji® Alconite Tangle Free anti-  lapping rings .
    • Reel seat:  Fuji® TVS + KDPS
    • Handle material - EVA of the highest density

On a note:

As with the popular Pontoon21 Psychogun rod series , the Grace Sonda blanks are based on an ultra-high modulus graphite material. The manufacturer is the same - the Japanese concern Toray. The super high modulus Toray material is blended in specific proportions with a number of other materials (both Toray and other Japanese manufacturers.

    • For increased tactile sensitivity, Fuji® TVS + KDPS sensor reel seats are mounted on Sensitive Graphite Arbor. Due to the direct contact with the graphite elements of the handle, encounters with underwater obstacles or careful touches of fish are "transmitted" to the spinning player's palm. The main material used to create the sleek, ergonomic spaced handle is EVA of the highest density and highest quality.

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