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Size: PGSS682ULSF 203cm 1.4-7.0g Fast
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This series was always special as far as one’s impressions and its work are concerned. For example, there’s an opinion that jigging rods should have extra fast action. And those who used jigging gear with the first generation of these rods will confirm that their action namely Sensitive Fast is perfect. Those who like different types of lures will say the same thing about the section and more than one time the winners of the most prestigious angling tournament said that this series of the same action almost surgically works with metal spoons for fishing different species including wild salmons and trout. Though everyone knows that for this fishing and this type of retrieve moderate fast is considered to be the best.

To put it in a different way, 10 years ago when Psychogun appeared, it was in advance of its time. To produce it a special spindle was designed. A lot of people say that but it is true for Pontoon21 Psychogun: for each model the design of blank (geometry) as well as, the material composition made from high-module graphite are calculated individually. And it is this approach that enables to achieve this unique type of action, which was called Sensitive Fast.

On a note:

Psychogun rods have a unique combination of rigidity and elasticity along the WHOLE rod, including the tip, moreover, they are extremely sensitive. In this series the designers didn’t try to achieve average action, more or less suitable for all the styles, but figuratively speaking, they created the effect of transactive memory (the memory of the group is indivisible and common for the whole group, and for each moment its most skillful part is activated).

For ten years since the first Psychogun presentation new materials, technologies and components have appeared. Fort the new generation of Psychogun rods the most interesting are chosen from the point of view of the main concept of the series. That is why outwardly absolutely different, new generation of Psychogun are well-known for being unique.

Every Psychogun model has a name, which points at its preferable use, but definitely not the only one. For example, Minnow Plugging, Light Minnow Manipulator, Finesse Manipulation Special show perfect work if you use jigging.

They cast well, perfectly present the lure, and securely retrieve the prey. Anyway, Psychogun can’t be branded “for each and everyone”. You need to get used to these rods and then just trust them. They won’t let you down. It was proved by the previous generation.

Pontoon21® Psychogun 2019 features:

  • Individual design of blank for every model.
  • The combination of high-module carbon fiber materials Toray company (Japan).
  • Fuji® Alсonite KR Tangle Free guides.
  • Fuji® TVS + TVSK reel seat for spinning rods, Fuji® PMTS+TVSK for casting models with Sensory Graphite Arbor – SGA.
  • Handle made from EVA material of high density.
  • Its name points at the easiest style of fishing, but not the only one.

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