Preston Innovations Commercial Carp Rig

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The Preston Innovations Commercial Carp Rigs are durable and made from high quality components in a variety of types to suit your type of fishing.

Commercial Carp Rig 1 - This rig set includes a large diameter buoyant bristle float and durable carbon stem. This rig is the ideal choice for use with meat, corn and other big baits.

Commercial Carp Rig 2 - The float with this rig has a traditional body shape and medium bristle, suited to fishing with a multitude of baits on the bottom.

Commercial Carp Rig 3 - This float has a slim body profile and medium bristle, perfect for catching at all depths. Ideal rig for using with maggots, casters and pellets.

Commercial Carp Rig 4 - Includes a short dibber style float for fishing up in the water with various baits. Perfect for catching big weights.

Commercial Carp Rig 5 - Tapered dibber float for fishing down the edge. The buoyant tip allows you to spot real bites and avoid striking at liners.

You can select your choice of Preston Innovations Commercial Carp Rig from our drop down menu.

Durable, high quality components
Various types to suit different fishing styles
Available in 5 different rig options

Commercial Carp Rig 1 - Big Bait
Commercial Carp Rig 2 - Deck
Commercial Carp Rig 3 - Drop
Commercial Carp Rig 4 - Shallow
Commercial Carp Rig 5 - Margin
1 - Big Bait 0.5g 12 7lb 8lb
2 - Deck 0.5g 14 6lb 7lb
3 - Drop 0.4g 18 4lb 5lb
5 - Margin 0.2g 18 4lb 5lb
5 - Margin 0.3g 16 4lb 5lb

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