Timon Tricoroll GT 72MD-F Laser Silver & Black

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Timon Tricoroll GT 72MD-F Laser Silver & Black

A shallow runner model equipped with a combination weight system that moves the center of gravity with a fixed magnet and custom-molded weights. It is a high response minnow that has a balance that swims stably even in the shallow area where the flow velocity is fast, action with a break during twitching and the elements necessary for the shallow minnow.

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  • Model No. - 72MD-F
  • Type - Floating
  • Length - 72mm
  • Weight - 6.6g
  • Hooks - 2, #8
  • Depth - 0.8-1.2

A new TRICOROLL series equipped with a center of gravity movement system whose development has started with the main target of cherry salmon and satsukimasu in the mainstream. Three models have been added that have evolved the original model created with the concept of "faithful to the basics" into further development. The answers derived from the repeated test fishing trip were "just size", "+ α flight distance", and "+ α dive depth". Until now, the original model, such as "Because the flight distance does not extend a little, it does not reach the other side of the twist of the flow you want to pass, and because it does not dive a little, it does not reach the edge of the rock you want to touch" Eliminate blind spots. In addition, it continues to take action firmly without losing balance even in a violent flow, and the strong water displacement generated from the flat side body by the quick wobbling roll action, and the flickering effect by the flashy flat hitting at the time of twitching attracts fish. I will.

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