Westin HollowTeez ST 12cm 8g Dark Water Mix 4 pcs

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For those anglers who only believe in deadbaits, the game is about to change. Westin's HollowTeez is a smartly-designed soft lure that allows you to have the best of both worlds - its hollow center is designed to have a real deadbait placed inside. This means that you get the incredible swimming action, attractive colours and durability of a lure, combined with the scent of a deadbait - it's basically the perfect combination. Simply place a small dead fish inside, fit with a normal jighead or hook system and then start casting. Alternatively, cut a piece of foam that comes with the package and flavour it with your favorite scent. The HollowTeez will then stand up, so you won't get caught on the bottom and the small side vents will help spread the scent of your concealed deadbait or flavored foam. This lure is your next secret weapon against perch, bass and especially zander. Optimized flexibility Realistic eyes Hollow body to add deadbait or flavored foam inside Foam bar included in package Holes on sides for extra scent Easy to rig jig-hook notch Easy action shad tail Hand painted detailed colors

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