Westin KickTeez ST Rigged 15 cm 11 g Dirty Harbor 2 pcs 0,28 mm

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Kick start your predator fishing with Westin KickTeez - a super effective soft lure that is so easy to rig, it almost makes fishing too easy. The lure features a unique inner channel for both jighead hook and stinger, which gives you added stealth and a far more natural presentation and swimming action. The lure also features a vertical hole that goes from the back and through in the belly, the KickTeez will easily bend when the fish bite to get a better hook up! It swims in any water, still or hard current. Zander, pike, perch and sea bass won't be able to resist this amazing looking lure and they won't be able to let go once they bite down on the well-concealed stinger. Fishing a soft lure couldn't be easier, or more deadly! Rigged with 0,28mm braid & #6 stinger treble Easy to rig jig-hook notch Unique stinger channel Vertical hole from back through belly Improved hook up 2-layer softness Realistic eyes Natural swimming action due to special curved shadtail Works in Stillwater as well as strong current, tail will not twist Can be used for different jigging techniques from bank or boat

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