5 of the best places to fish in Ireland

5 of the best places to fish in Ireland

Many anglers agree that Ireland is one of those places that every enthusiast of the craft should try their luck at least once in their lifetimes. An extraordinary, lake-filled landscape, rivers and seas, here you can pretty much practice any angling form imaginable.

When it comes to prey - salmon, carp, cod and bass are certainly the most common schools to be tracked down, while more sophisticated angling methods can yield roach, pike or even shark.

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Considering there are so many angling options for you to engage in, naturally there are some places in the country that are famous for their fishing traditions.

In this article, we will name 5 places to consider for angling in Ireland, whether as a visiting enthusiast or local looking to explore something new.

Lakes of Killarney, County of Kerry

For those that want to hit two birds with one stone and not only organize a decent angling trip, but also take their family with them for some quality time, Killarney is definitely the place to go to.

Built to be a strong tourist attraction spot, there are plenty of places to see and enjoy starting with the Ring of Kerry, as well as restaurants, hiking places and hotels. For the anglers, however, the lakes and rivers are the places of most interest.

Typically trout is the most common prey around here and many local angling shops will gladly help you gear up for the upcoming trip.

Belmullet, Country of Mayo

Often regarded to be one of the best angling places in Ireland, it would be fair to say that the place offers everything for anyone - starting with basic angling for bass up to tuna and shark.

It’s important to note, however, that looking out for weather is very important in this area as storms happen quite often. Still, considering the wide variety of prey available in these waters from dogfish, bass and up to more exotic catches, it often becomes a frequent place of visiting for irish anglers and tourists alike.

Boyne River, County of Meath

Famous for its salmon, the Boyne River is without a doubt, one of the best angling places in the country’s east. A bit lower down towards the estuary there are also plenty of sea trout fishing spots as the conditions there are just the right ones for them.

It’s important to note, however, that the County has pretty strict local angling laws in place and a catch and release policy. So, your best would be to consult a local angler or shop in the area to familiarize yourself with the rules.

The Aran Islands, County of Galway

With worthy places to visit in the east, Ireland can also offer something for the keen angler on its west end as well. Right on the outskirts of the Atlantic Ocean, the section of islands offers many shore as well as boat angling opportunities for pretty much anything up to shark.

Since there are so many places here to fish, it wouldn’t be difficult to find just the right one for yourself and have an amazing journey at the same time. Still, some of the locals can help you get familiar with what’s what, better than we ever could.

Rosses Point, County of Siligo

Mackerel and sea trout are the go to catches here in Rosses Point. Apart from being a great fishing spot, it can also offer wonderful views of surrounding nature, as well historical artifacts that remind visitors of local history in the area.

On rare occasions, there might also be a chance of skate, ray or even shark catches. And as for sightseeing, without a doubt, the most amazing one is the tomb of Queen Maeve, reaching even the stone age in terms of historical significance.

All in all

In this article, we’ve given our take on some of the best angling places in Ireland. We truly believe that whether you’re a local or a visiting tourist, it is definitely worth visiting these counties and trying your luck out here.

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