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How to fish for trout, fishing in Ireland

Catching your very own trout certainly brings out a sense of accomplishment, regardless of whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner trying your luck out in different endeavors. 

Ireland is famous for its rich waters that are just filled with a variety of fish life, including different species of trout that can challenge even the most patient of anglers. 

Since trout is not a fish to be taken lightly, we’ve decided to write a short guide that will hopefully give you a better understanding on how to approach trout angling in Ireland.

So, before you plan your next trip, make sure you know the most important information.

Ireland as an angling destination

It’s no secret that Ireland is one of the few countries in the world that can offer a real experience of catching trout in the wild. It’s wide network of rivers and loughs is what makes so many anglers come back to the country for a fishing trip year after year.

Whether it's indeed trout you’re after or something else like carp, salmon, pike or even sharks there are options for every type of angling enthusiast out there.

Since today we’re focusing entirely on trout, however, it’s also necessary to discuss the intricacies of their species in Ireland.

What to know about trout in Ireland

The most common type of trout found in Irish waters is the wild brown trout. This species is a native one to the country and is considered to be the most widely spread freshwater fish in Ireland in general.

Largely, this due to the fact that brown trout aren’t very picky when it comes to habitat. All that’s needed is some clean water and gravel, meaning trout can be found anywhere from rivers, loughs to small mountain ponds.

In this regard, Ireland can offer plenty of room for the ideal habitat. Experts count for more than 500 000 acres of loughs as well over 20 000 km of river channels, most of which have little to no pollution.

As such areas around the rest of Europe are diminishing, Ireland remains one of the few areas where you can catch trout in natural waters and in the wild, which is more than enough for the keen angler.

The typical size for these wild brown trout varies from 10 to 20 lbs and they can be caught with either spinning, fly fishing or simple bait fishing methods.

Don’t forget to get the right permits and licenses

For most areas and counties in Ireland, a fishing license is required when it comes to catching trout

As for permits, you might need to purchase one to obtain the right to fish in private waters or those owned by the state.

Depending on how long you’re planning to fish you can purchase either a permit for a day or the entire season. Still, most fisheries are open to the public for free, so you might not need anything at all.

Ireland fishing permit can be purchased here 

All in all

In this article, we’ve talked about trout fishing in Ireland. It could be said that catching a trout successfully is one the few major goals for many anglers, whether professional or amateur and Ireland is one of the best places to do so.

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