Chub fishing: here's what you need to pay attention to

Chub fishing: here's what you need to pay attention to

Many professional anglers consider chub as savers at times where nothing else seems to be biting. This is especially true during the colder times of the year where most of the fish have settled down for a season long sleep.

It seems that whenever one settles out on a winter fishing trip, chub are the only type of fish that would rather bite at what’s thrown at them, rather than go to sleep like all the rest. As a result, many experienced fishermen have dubbed them as “the greediest” species of fish since they are always looking to feed.

However, this does not mean that they are a simple catch, since there are still things to know, before you head out chub angling. Today, we will talk about just that - everything you need to know when going chub fishing.

The most important thing is location

Location is crucial for any type of catch that you’re planning, however, this is especially true for chub. Your best bet would be scout areas where the water is slow or there are creases in the main flow of the river.

Also, aim for weedy spots or places with visible snags in the water. Try dropping some food in these areas and try out your luck in different spots until you find the right one which attracts the most chub.

Choosing the right fishing method

There are a number of ways that you can successfully catch some eager chub, however, many professional anglers agree that trotting is arguably the best method to do so. This is because it allows you to cover a large portion of ground with a single attempt.

Again, try going for a calmer spot with snags or weeds and don’t forget to feed the spot on the regular. The sooner you start doing that, the more are the chances of having a successful catch.

Try surface feeding as well

Chubs absolutely love the taste of bread, which means you can utilize that to your advantage. Try dropping a few crusts around the area that you’ve already placed your food around and then observe as a horde of hungry fish gather around.

In warmer times of the year, many have observed the fish to be smarter about what they choose to feed on, so drop your bread more silently without potentially scaring them off.

Prepare with the right tackle

Chub are considered to be one of the strongest and toughest species to fight in water which means that having the right tackle and a sturdy is absolutely key in ensuring that you are the one that comes out on top.

Prepare a balanced setup with a hefty line, especially when the chub are bigger in size in the area that you’re angling.

Influence of light

It’s well-known that chub feed the most when it's darker outside, especially the bigger ones in size. It seems that these types of conditions act as a signal that it's safe to feed. 

This means that it's best for you to fish exactly then, either during sunrise or sunset. Professionals say that it’s best to prepare for this beforehand and angle in short sessions at a time.

All in all

Today we’ve talked about the main things to know when chub fishing. They are a strong and smart species of fish, but with the right know-how, you shouldn’t have any difficulties having a successful fishing trip.

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