How to become a better fly fisherman: perfecting your technique with advice from professionals

How to become a better fly fisherman: perfecting your technique with advice from professionals

Fly fishing is one of the most popular techniques used by anglers at all levels of expertise. 

Whether you’re a hobbyist that goes out angling simply for the love of the activity or are an active participant in various competitions, you probably know how important it is to work on your technique.

After all, having a proper rod and reel setup, clothing and other gadgets is one thing, but working on improving yourself takes time and patience.

In this article, we will give out a few pieces of advice on how to get better at fly fishing as suggested by angling professionals. 

While some things might already be known to you if you’ve been angling for a while, reconsidering certain aspects might just do wonders for becoming a better fly fisherman.

Not all casts will do the trick

Some anglers have developed an idea that everything they do must be perfect at all times and that mistakes are made only by those that don’t quite know what they’re doing. This is wrong, since even the best of the best make errors.

Besides, if everything you cast would simply get you a catch, you probably wouldn’t be looking for advice in the first place. Not every one of your attempts will or has to be perfect. If there’s no luck coming your way, consider what you might be doing wrong or simply try an alternative.

Fly fishing requires both physical and mental activity, so keep your head up and don’t get frustrated if you’re on an unsuccessful roll.

Don’t get fixated on a single spot

Many anglers consider everything they know about choosing an area to fish and simply stick with it for their whole trip. Even if things don’t go their way, they refuse to make any adjustments to make their fortunes better.

Regardless of what species that you’re going for when fly fishing, you already know how aggressive they’re going to be during their feeding season. If the fish don’t come your way, don’t get frustrated, but instead try out a different fishing spot.

Eventually, they will bite and you’ll see your fortunes turn for the better.

Come prepared

As briefly mentioned in the previous section, sticking with the same area or technique might not be such a good idea after all. The same applies for the equipment that you use and what you will eventually go for.

Many anglers come prepared with only one or two species in mind to catch, however, that can prove to be a mistake if none of them go for what you’re offering. Don’t hamper your flexibility and come prepared for anything that the waters might throw at you.

Never stop working on getting better

The saying “practice makes perfect” probably sounds bland and overused to many of us, but there’s no truer words when it comes to fly fishing. As we already talked about, this type of fishing quite often requires flexibility and being able to adapt to different circumstances.

Some of the things we discussed today require not only a simple try out, but carefully working on them to really reap the benefits. So, the next time you're out there, make sure that you’re learning and getting better.

All in all

Today we’ve talked about ways you can improve your fly fishing technique. Knowing the basics is one thing, but finding new areas and ways to get better can be crucial for any fly fisherman. We hope you found this guide useful and good luck on your next journeys!

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