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Bite Alarms & Indicators -Improve bite indication.

There is no doubting that location right fishing tackle, rigs, and bait can all help you to catch more carp, but one aspect that anglers often overlook is the effectiveness of their bite indication.

Bite Indication

For the purpose of this guide, we are going to look at improving bite indication when legering and using bite alarms as opposed to float fishing or other styles of angling. Due to the way we fish when leadgering we are reliant on the carp to get hooked by the rig rather than the angler setting the hook on the bite.

Once a carp picks up the rig and has the hook in its mouth we are then reliant on the bite alarm to inform us and so it is very important that we maximize our indication to ensure that we know that a carp is hooked as quickly as possible.


Swinger - a great all-around indicator that is very effective in windy conditions

Fox fishing swinger


Quiver - perfect when fishing bow-string tight lines

Fox fishing  bait indication quiver


Bobbin - suited for short-to-medium range when using slack or semi-slack lines

Fox fishing bobbin

Few key tips to improve bait indication

  • Set your bite alarm to the highest sensitivity that you can get away with, without getting false indications from wind, rain, under-tow, etc.
  • If you want to fish with slack lines then use a lightweight bobbin such as the Stealth and place your line in the clip/grip of the head to ensure that the bobbin has to move as soon as there is any line movement.
  • When fishing at long range or with tight lines (Zig or snag fishing) use either a stiff quiver arm, heavy Swinger, or heavy bobbin.
  • Wherever possible point your rod directly towards your lead so no pivot point is created on the tip ring.
  • Try to avoid using backleads unless they are absolutely necessary as again this will create a pivot point and reduce the sensitivity of your setup.
  • Running rigs allow for the best bite indication possible as the lead is not fixed to the main line and therefore does not act as a pivot point.
  • Using a line clip on your rod to create a more severe angle between the indicator and the alarm will also give an improved bite indication.

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