How to distance cast

How to distance cast

Often on the larger venues pressured carp can spend a lot of their time out at long range from the bank therefore on such venues the ability to  fish effectively at long distances can be a massive advantage...

Distance Cast

Firstly it is important to establish what we mean by distance. We believe for the average carp angler casting over 100yds (90m) would constitute  shing at distance and therefore the tips and tactics we will share in this section will be aimed at helping you fish at 100yds+. Many anglers actually over estimate how far they can cast and if you think you can already fish at 100yds+ then it is worth casting out, placing your line in the clip on the reel before winding back in. Then position to marker sticks 12ft (4yds) apart and count how many wraps of line go around then sticks until you hit the clip. If it is more than 25 wraps then you are  shing in excess of 100yds. If you are currently not able to reach such ranges then read on...

Tackle Required:

  • High test curve rods - ideally 12ft 3.25lb or above
  • Big pit style reels - larger the spool the better
  • Low diameter, supple line - braid or mono ideally
  • Shockleader - 3-4 turns on the reel to prevent crack offs
  • Weight forward, aerodynamic lead - 3oz or above

Perfecting the right technique:

  • With your feet shoulder-width apart, your front foot faces the direction in which you will cast
  • Keep both of your arms as straight as possible
  • Lean back so your weight is on your back foot
  • Use your bottom arm to pull the butt of the rod in towards your body as fast as possible
  • Use the top arm to push the rod towards your target
  • Transfer your weight from the back foot to the front foot as you make the cast


Always wear a  fingerstall when casting long distances, if you don’t you could seriously injure your casting finger.

If shockleaders are banned on your target venue then try using tapered mono lament, which has a thicker leader built into the line.

Using helicopter rigs with short hooklinks and smaller hookbaits can help to prevent tangles and increase the distance your cast will go.

If you wish to get some free bait around your hookbait then we would recommend trying a solid PVA bag with some PVA friendly oil injected into it to make it as heavy and dense as possible.