Which flies to choose for salmon fishing

Which flies to choose for salmon fishing

James Stokoe is a salmon fishing guide, and has been a salmon fishing fanatic for the past 25 years. He shares some of his favorite salmon fly patterns. When it comes to finally hooking the fish you've been dreaming up, James knows best!

Please see below recommended flies for Salmon fishing:

Fulling Mill Red Flamethrower

Red Flamethrower salmon fly

The Flamethrower is a very successful fly and catches salmon all year round. A classic Salmon Pattern dressed on a double hook for enhanced hooking ability and improved action.

Fulling Mill Cascade Shrimp

Fulling Mill Cascade Shrimp Flies for salmon fishing

An all time favourite, the Cascade Shrimp travels well and catches salmon everywhere. One of our best selling patterns, year in, year out. Certainly one to have to hand throughout the year.

Fulling Mill Stokoe's Shrimp Original 

 Stokoe's original Shrimp salmon fishing

The Original Stokoe Shrimp has proven to be a brilliant salmon fly of late, producing many large salmon all over the country! This pattern has been designed with subtlety and movement in mind, with the brown and ginger wing and tail working in harmony. Fish this pattern on a floating or intermediate fly line. Designed by Fulling Mill Consultant, James Stokoe.

Fulling Mill Arndilly Fancy

Arndilly Fancy salmon fishing fly

Perfect for fishing as a single fly on heavily pressured rivers, or when the water is extremely low. A good dropper pattern too.

Fulling Mill RS Super Snaelda Red & Gold


RS Super Snaelda Red & Gold salmon fishing fly

The Red and Gold RS SuperSnaelda Fish these super aggressive tubes anywhere for Atlantic salmon and Steelhead and stand by for some explosive action. One of our best selling patterns.

Fulling Mill Stokoe's Shrimp Red 

Stokoes Shrimp Red salmon fishing fly

Due to the success of the Original Stokoe Shrimp, James Stokoe wanted a similar fly to fish at the back end of the season, and that obviously needed an element of red… The Red Stokoe Shrimp provides a great fish-catching color combination with great movement to induce a take. Designed by Fulling Mill Consultant, James Stokoe.


Fulling Mill RS Low Water Crathie

RS Low Water Crathie salmon fishing fly

The fabled Crathie fly was made famous on the river Dee Scotland, shrouded in secrecy for years. Low Water Crathie is designed on lethal Fulling Mill Silver Magni doubles for maximum hold on all fish including seatrout. These are superb low-water summer flies.

Fulling Mill Cascade Monkey

Cascade Monkey salmon fishing fly

Ron Sutherland is eye-catching flies that work! Blending innovative design with modern materials and it led to devise a range of super cone head tubes for Fulling Mill which are taking the market by storm.

James Stokoe about some of his favorite salmon fly patterns ⬇️


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