Trout fishing with Berkley Powerbait


Trout fishing with Berkley Powerbait

Trout powerbait has been around for a long time and is a trout bait used by anglers of all ages. And with over 40 trout powerbait combinations on the market for trout fishing, today we go through the top 10 trout powerbait colors and scents for 2022 that will help you catch more trout this year! Powerbait can be an effective trout bait on all bodies of water, so watch the video, take some trout fishing notes, then grab your trout powerbait and get to the water to catch more trout than ever before!



How to rig powerbait

The best way to rig for powerbait can be interpreted differently by each fishermen in his/her own way. One thing is for sure, if you think trout fishing, you think powerbait. I don't know a single angler that doesn't know what berkley powerbait is. Trout fishing with Powerbait is fairly simple, but there's a few things you can do to fish it more effectively. Fine tuning your technique will make a huge difference. In this video Cameron Black from Addicted Fishing explains how to fish powerbait off the bottom using sliding weights for all sorts of trout species including, rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, and more!


How to rig powerbait eggs

Trout fishing with powerbait power eggs on your local lake, river, creek, or pond can work great in helping you catch more trout. These eggs give you a ton of bait and trout won't be able to resist it. Power eggs last a long time on the hook and really increase your trout fishing catch ratio. In this video Jordan from Addicted Fishing gives you a full in depth how to on rigging power eggs on your trout fishing setups! 



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