New Arrival Alert: Dive into the Depths with Westin's Underwater Fishing Camera on

New Arrival Alert: Dive into the Depths with Westin's Underwater Fishing Camera on

Westin's compact and lightweight underwater fishing camera, designed for Full HD video recording and ideal for capturing vibrant underwater scenes

Available for Pre-Order now at DuoHook -> Order  (Expected Delivery 25th November)

When it comes to fishing gear, we always anticipate what the next innovative creation will be. We want the best technology to capture the fascinating world that exists just beneath the water's surface. This November, brings you an exclusive look at Westin's game-changing product – the world's smallest and lightest underwater fishing camera!

A Glimpse into the Underwater World

Imagine casting your line and capturing every moment of the underwater action in crystal-clear, full HD quality. With Westin's latest marvel, this is no longer a mere dream. Designed and developed meticulously in Denmark, this camera offers features that are sure to revolutionise your fishing experience:

  • Feather-Light & Compact: Weighing a mere 1.4 oz./40 g., this tiny powerhouse is super portable.
  • Stunning Video Quality: Record in Full HD 1080P at 60 fps, ensuring each adventure is caught with impeccable clarity.
  • Worry-Free Operation: Even with wet hands, you can start and stop recordings effortlessly, thanks to the seamless turning end cap mechanism.
  • Depth-Defying Durability: The camera is built rugged, able to withstand depths of up to 650 ft./200 m.

Innovations Beyond Just Recording

Westin has gone beyond just providing a camera. They have reimagined the experience of underwater recording with add-ons that adapt to various lures and techniques:

  • UW-AWB: Say goodbye to green or blue-tainted videos! This automatic white balance ensures videos retain their natural colours.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Enjoy up to 150 minutes of uninterrupted recording time.
  • Escape camThe smallest and lightest fishing camera in the world.

  • Dive Lip: Ensuring the camera stays submerged during retrieval without additional weight.

  • Y-Fin: This feature promises steady videos even when used with lures having an aggressive action.

  • 2X OTG card readersOn The Go card readers. View share and show your footage on your phone in a matter of seconds.

  • Cap tool: Easy grip tool for opening camera with cold or wet fingers.

Share the Adventure Instantly

What's capturing without sharing, right? With the 'On The Go' technology, you can view, share, and show off your footage on your phone in just seconds. Plus, with the compact travel case and the two OTG card readers included, you're all set for an enhanced fishing journey.

Get Ready to Capture with

As the end of November approaches, brace yourselves for this unparalleled addition to your fishing toolkit. Only on So, set your reminders, bookmark our website, and get ready to dive into a vivid underwater world like never before.

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