Westin Original Perch

Introducing the Westin Original Perch Lure – A Game Changer for Anglers!

We're buzzing with excitement to introduce a fresh catch in our product line-up: the Westin Original Perch Lure. For those in the know, life-like lures have always been a top pick. But trust us, this one's a notch above the rest, and here's why.

Crafted by Tomy's Bait, this isn't just another lure. Tomy, with his life-long passion for fish, has gone above and beyond to create a bait that genuinely captures the essence of the real deal. He's delved deep – from keeping fish in aquariums, observing them during scuba dives, to actual fishing. This dedication resulted in the Original Perch lure.

So, what sets the Westin Original Perch apart?

  1. Detailing: Born in 2015, the Original Perch showcases Tomy's obsession for perfection. Each lure is a testament to detailed craftsmanship.
  2. Design: Over the years, the design evolved. Added external fins and that exquisite hand-painted finish make it almost indistinguishable from a real perch.
  3. Unique Movement: The upward-facing tail is not just for show; it's an innovation. Whether you retrieve slowly or give it a sudden jerk, its movement in the water is a class apart.

Why should you, our valued customer, consider it?

  • Realism: From its hand-painted eyes to its lifelike perch profile, it's one of the most authentic bait fish patterns around.
  • Efficiency: Many seasoned anglers swear by it. And now, it's within your grasp.
  • Action: That unique tail design? It promises an attractive swimming action, making those fish bite, even at the slowest speeds.

In a nutshell, the Westin Original Perch isn't just a lure; it's a culmination of Tomy's passion and expertise. And we at DuoHook are proud to bring it to our shelves, for you. Drop by, have a look, and maybe, just maybe, it could be the secret weapon you've been searching for in your fishing adventures.

Cheers and happy casting! The DuoHook Team.

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